March 30, 2021 10:00 am County Commissioner’s Meeting

Outside of Camden County employees, I was there along with two other folks who I believe came to get information about the Camelot Sewage District agenda item.

First item was the renovation of the Prosecuting Attorney’s Office. Apparently, the location is in need of repair and bids were solicited for renovation. Only one bid was received for $39,000. There was some discussion that the requirement for criminal background checks for all workers who would do work in the building might have discouraged other bidders. There was also discussion with the Camden County Auditor about where the funding might come from. The bid was accepted by the Commissioners.

Initially, there was no mention of the amount of the bid, but I asked before adjournment and the Commissioners clarified the amount and that they were accepting the bid.

The second item was regarding the three bids for the Juvenile Center. These bids had briefly been discussed at the previous meeting and Commissioner Hasty had stated then that the Maintenance Department should evaluate the bids. The Commissioners were sent a letter from the person who is in charge of the Juvenile Center. He recommended that they accept the middle bid from Black and White Roofing. Commissioner Hasty stated that by statute they could either accept the lowest bid or the best bid. Commissioner Williams agreed and stated, “You get what you pay for.” The Commissioners accepted the middle bid.

The third item was the Camelot Sewer District. Currently, the sewer district is in compliance as far as the services they are providing in their district but the costs of the district are exceeding what they need to provide the necessary services. Commissioner Hasty stated the Camelot Sewer District is required by statute to maintain a certain amount of financial reserves and is requesting a rate of increase of $5/month. No one from the Sewer District was present at the meeting, but they sent a letter to the County Commission requesting an increase.

The legal advisor, Charles McElyea, advised the Commission that an ordnance would have to be drafted to enact the rate increase. After agreeing to have an ordnance drafted, the Commission meeting was adjourned.

And that was that.

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