April 15, 2021 11:00 am Camden County Commissioners Meeting

All three commissioners were present.

The first agenda item was the Camelot Sewage District rate increase that was previously brought before the commission on March 30. The sewer rates are being increased from $68/mo to $73/mo. Effective September 1st. Representatives from the sewer district were present and they explained that it is required to maintain a reserve of one year’s debt service. This increase will allow them to maintain the required reserve. There was some discussion about when the increase should begin to coincide with the quarterly billing cycles of the condominium associations in the district. This item was approved.

The second agenda item was the phone system bid for the Health Department that was discussed last meeting. A representative from the Health Department was present. Apparently, the phone system is in bad shape. She explained that the improvements will be funded by COVID and immunization grant money. The cost for the improvements is $11,325. This item was approved by the commission.

The third item was a tax abatement on a property. There was an issue where property taxes had been paid in the current year, but there was a previous year of taxes that had not been paid. I wasn’t quite sure what to make of it, but it seemed pretty normal. The commissioners voted to approve the abatement after reviewing it.

The fourth item was the Camden County Emergency Management Agency (EMA) requesting the commission approve an ordinance adopting the NIMS (National Incident Management System) as the standard for incident management in Camden County. A representative from the EMA was present at the meeting and he informed the commissioners that the ordinance is a requirement for the EMA to receive funding. My impression is that they are already using NIMS but they just needed an ordinance to that effect. Apparently, the funding pays for almost 50% of the EMA budget. This item was approved by the commission.

This meeting went very smoothly since every department, agency, and district that had an item on the agenda had a representative at the meeting to answer questions from the commissioners. Hopefully this trend continues.

In the beginning of the meeting, Commissioner Hasty asked me what my name was and let me know that there would be an additional meeting addressing Planning and Zoning tomorrow at 10:00 am but I probably won’t be able to attend that meeting. I told him that I answer to a higher authority and would have to run it by my wife.

And that was that.

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