May 27, 2021 Camden County Commissioners Meeting at 10:00 a.m.

All commissioners were present.

Stephanie was there to video so between the two of us, we had the meeting pretty much covered.

The first agenda item was listed as “Request for Proposals Medical Examiner”. They received no bids. There were discussions about waiting on a contract with Southwest but it wasn’t clear what the contract was actually going to cover. There were two women in the audience who I assumed were associated with the Medical Examiner or at least involved with this contract. It was estimated the contract would be ready as soon as the end of next week. Commissioner Hasty stated that each commissioner would receive a copy of the contract and they would each individually have an opportunity to review the contract and then discuss it the next meeting.

The next agenda item was the SB 40 Board appointment. It was a little confusing because Commissioner Hasty initially mixed up the names. Suzanne Perkins submitted her resignation from the SB 40 Board. Elizabeth Perkins has been recommended by the board to serve out her term. Elizabeth Perkins submitted a letter of interest for the position. I’m not sure if the two people are related to each other. This appointment was approved unanimously.

The third agenda item was a COVID update for the insurance policy. There is an amendment to the current policy that will add a COVID-19 “step down” with a $300 deductible. The amendment will add insurance coverage for COVID-19 claims for the rest of this year at a lower deductible. The commissioners were handed copies of the policy.

Commissioner Hasty stated he had not seen this policy previously. A motion was made to table this for the next meeting so the commissioners could review the policy.

A closed session with regard to legal matters was scheduled for 11:00 a.m. There was discussion about whether they should recess, adjourn, reconvene, or go into closed session. They ultimately settled on adjourning and then going into closed session at 11:00 a.m. They did a roll call vote and it passed unanimously.

And that was that.

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