June 24, 2021 Camden County Commission Meeting at 10:00 a.m.

All commissioners were present.

There were a handful of people in the audience besides the normal Camden County employees.

The first agenda item was the Treasurer Banking Request Proposal. There was only one bid and it still has to be reviewed by Kendra Hicks, the Camden County Treasurer. It sounded like this would be regarding the banking services for Camden County’s main operating account. The commissioners voted to table this item until Kendra could review the bid.

Virtual Nathan then called in and attended the meeting.

The second agenda item was the Health Official appointment. A Health Department employee needs to be designated as the Health Officer for Camden County so she can operate as the county’s Health Officer and sign contracts. This would authorize her to function as the administrative director of the Health Department. It seemed like this was an additional duty for an existing employee, but I didn’t catch the name of the appointed person. This was approved unanimously.

The third agenda item was a Request for Surplus Money. According to statute, the County Commission has to direct the release of surplus funds. This release has to be approved by the commissioners. These funds were related to tax sale items. The requests were approved by the commissioners.

The fourth agenda item was Camden County’s contract with Southwest Missouri Forensics. Apparently, Southwest provides medical examiner services for Camden County. Charles McElyea, the Legal Advisor to the Commission, had reviewed the contract. The contract was also reviewed by the Auditor and the Prosecuting Attorney. The commissioners approved the renewal of the contract.

The fifth agenda item was the ratification of the Juneteenth federal holiday. Camden County employees took the holiday on June 18. The commission ratified the holiday.

The sixth agenda item was the Sheriff Bondsman Agreement. These contracts have come up before and are for the closed circuit TV system in the Camden County Jail. Bail Bondsmen and attorneys can advertise on the CCTV system. Sheriff Helms was asked about this by Virtual Nathan. Sheriff Helms stated the bondsmen advertise for free but the attorneys have to pay to advertise. Sheriff Helms wasn’t sure which bondsmen were on this contract. Commissioner Gohagan read the contracts and said the contracts were for Nicole Guillen and Devin Newth (spelling?). The Sheriff asked the commission to approve the contracts and the commission approved them unanimously.

Commissioner Hasty then explained that the Elected Officials Meeting at 11:30 a.m. was changed to a closed meeting because there will be some discussion of specific employee matters at that meeting.

The meeting was then adjourned and that was that.

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