July 22, 2021 Camden County Commission meeting at 10:00 a.m.

Commissioners Gohagan and Williams were present. Commissioner Hasty was present by phone. He recently took a trip and tested positive for COVID so he’s isolating himself from the Commission office until he’s in the clear.

I was looking forward to hearing Virtual Nathan and Virtual Hasty at the same meeting, but there was no interaction between them

There were about 10 people present at the meeting besides Camden County employees. Camden County Guerrilla media took video of the meeting and provided free coffee and doughnuts. This is a summary of the meeting.

The first agenda item was for the Recorder of Deeds Bid Opening. A representative from the Recorder of Deeds asked that this item be tabled. They have received one bid. The commissioners voted unanimously to table it.

The second agenda item was for Tax Abatements. It seems the owner of the properties has passed away. The commissioners voted unanimously to approve the abatements.

The third agenda item was for an E911 road name change. A builder is requesting a road name change in their development from Shelby Lane to Ferrari Way. It’s a private road. The deputy who brought the request in said before the meeting began that they normally would be concerned with a road name like that because people would be tempted to steal the road signs, but this road is in a gated, secure development so it shouldn’t be an issue. That problem hadn’t occurred to me so I thought it was interesting.

The fourth agenda item was for a P&Z Attorney Engagement Letter. A variance was denied so the property owners took the matter to circuit court against the Planning and Zoning Board. Camden County’s insurance is evaluating the case to see if they will cover it, but Camden County has to select an attorney from the insurance company’s list as part of the insurance process with a limited engagement. The attorney is Robert T. Plunkett from the Snodgrass Law Firm. Commissioner Gohagan declined to make a motion on the matter. Commissioner Hasty then made the motion. Commissioners Hasty and Williams voted in favor of the limited attorney engagement. Commissioner Gohagan voted against it. It passed 2-1.

The final agenda item was for a road vacation in Glenroth Estates. There was some confusion about what had occurred previously on this road vacation because it had been discussed at the July 12, 2021 meeting. The commissioners were having trouble recalling what had been passed previously regarding this item. The July 12, 2021 Commission meeting was the meeting that wasn’t publicly posted by Camden County in violation of Sunshine Law so I did not attend it because I didn’t know about it. I was tempted to mention that if they had posted it, I would have attended the meeting and I could have reminded them about what happened from my notes. Always here to help!

Eventually, it seemed that the road vacation just needed to be recorded so I believe that is what they voted on. It passed unanimously.

As they were beginning to adjourn, I asked the Commission how citizens can request that items be added to future Commission agendas. Commissioner Williams said you can email or call the Commission to request that agenda items be added. The Commission will then determine if the requested item will be placed on the agenda.

So here’s their contact information if you don’t already have it:

Camden County Commission (573) 317-3850

Commissioner Greg Hasty greg_hasty@camdenmo.org

Commissioner James Gohagan james_gohagan@camdenmo.org

Commissioner Don Williams don_williams@camdenmo.org

Commissioner Williams also provided copies of an inspection of the Camden County Commission building so I grabbed one of the copies.

And that was that.

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