The Daily Show on Key Radio 89.3 FM

I’ve been fortunate to be a regular guest on the Daily Show on Key Radio with KB and Bill Mundhausen on Friday mornings at 9:00 a.m., but I realize that some people might not have been able to hear the shows either because they don’t get a good radio signal or they weren’t near a radio when they were broadcast.

The good news is that these radio shows are archived as podcasts so people can listen to them online at their leisure and fast forward through the parts they don’t want to hear. We have a fun time on the show and I think they should be informative as well as amusing so I’ve included links to some of the archived Daily Show episodes that we’ve recorded. I usually come on after the first hour so you can usually get right to our discussions about the Camden County Commission and other random topics at the one hour mark (1:00)

November 19, 2021. We talked all about TIFs, CIDs, TDDs, NIDs, and how governments use tax increment financing to help developers. Also some discussion of Camden County’s Ozarks Amphitheater overflow parking lot.

November 10, 2021. This was a good one where we talked about UV scanning machines, the Patriots Dinner, 21 Jump Street and crimes scene laser scanning systems. Lots of scanning.

November 1, 2021. Discussing why the Prosecuting Attorney didn’t come to the Commission meeting, a potential new use for ARPA money, and how local municipalities are planning to spend their ARPA funds.

September 24, 2021.

I hope you enjoy listening to these episodes as much as we enjoyed recording them.

2 thoughts on “The Daily Show on Key Radio 89.3 FM

  1. Just wanted to thank you, Dave, for so graciously acknowledging Key Radio. I truly appreciate your work and the good nature you bring to what could otherwise be a contentious subject. Have a blessed Thanksgiving holiday with your family.

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