November 15, 2022 Camden County Commission meeting at 10:00 a.m.

I attended the November 15, 2022 Camden County Commission meeting at 10:00 a.m.

Commissioners Gohagan and Williams were present.

This meeting was held in the Commission Annex building conference room.

There were about five people present besides the Camden County employees who normally attend.

Since Presiding Commissioner Hasty was again not present for a Commission meeting, County Clerk Rowland Todd was called on the phone and he appointed Commissioner Gohagan as the Acting Presiding Commissioner for this meeting.

The first agenda item was the Circuit Clerk Workstations Bid. Kayla Henry, the Circuit Clerk, recommended the Commission accept the only bid for the new workstations.

The Commission approved this unanimously.

The next agenda item was the JAG Grant.

I believe this was a Missouri DPS Justice Assistance Grant. A representative from the Lake Area Narcotics Enforcement Group (LANEG) said it was for $184,000. They had to re-write a stronger justification than the previous grant because the grant had a maximum per vehicle cost of $31,000 and the task force required vehicles that would cost more than that.

This modified JAG Grant request was approved by the Commission unanimously.

And that was that.

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