The Four Seasons Yard Sale

Four Seasons, Missouri is a beautiful community out on Horseshoe Bend that offers a lot of amenities and perks to those who live there. It is also famous for having a home owner’s association that enforces a thick binder of homeowner rules and restrictions that make Singapore seem lax. There are so many rules thatContinue reading “The Four Seasons Yard Sale”

The Second and Third Battles of New Orleans

Most people have heard about the Battle of New Orleans that was fought in 1815, but I’ll bet very few historians have heard of the Second and Third Battles of New Orleans. Now some people will tell you that I’m a damn liar but I swear to you that the Second and Third Battles ofContinue reading “The Second and Third Battles of New Orleans”

Dave attends a Republican Club Meeting

On May 18, 2021, I attended the Camden County MO Republican Club meeting. I figured I’d check it out and see what went on at these events. I RSVP’d and felt like it might be an interesting experience. Mrs. Dogwood (Monica) was skeptical because I’d already been at the Camden County Commissioner’s meeting that sameContinue reading “Dave attends a Republican Club Meeting”