October 4, 2021 Camden County Commission meeting at 10:00 a.m.

Commissioners Williams and Gohagan were present. The following is a summary of the meeting.

There were half a dozen people in the audience besides the normal county employees. They appeared to be present for one of the road petitions.

The first agenda item was Road Petitions. From what I could ascertain, road petitions occur when a road on someone’s property is unused and the property owner wants to vacate the road so it won’t be shown as a road any longer. Road petitions are heard by the Commission on the first Monday of each quarter.

The majority of the roads (Shawnee View, Willow Bend #3, Kays Point #2, and Forest Lake Circle) had no one present to speak for or against the roads so the road petitions were approved by the commissioners.

Hickory Hollow Road had a little more discussion regarding the petition.

Christopher Wilson spoke in favor of the petition. He said the road has been there since 1967 and it dead ends behind his house.

Attorney Greg Williams was present on behalf of Calvin and Janice Gilmore. They are opposed to having the road vacated. Several other people spoke up from the audience. They said that the road is their only access to get to their homes . They can’t get in through the Tall Oaks development because it’s gated.

Both groups reviewed the map up at the Commission desk with the two commissioners and the attorney. After reviewing the map and hearing from those present, the commissioners voted unanimously to deny the road petition.

The second agenda item was a Certified Copy of Order for a Budget Amendment that was previously passed by the Commission. This moved $9,198 into LEST for law enforcement legal bills related to a lawsuit. As I’ve mentioned before, whenever money is moved between one of the funds in the County Budget to another fund, a signed order from the Commission is required.

And that was that.

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